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eCommerce Fulfillment Explained

If you own or manage an online store, one of the biggest challenges you face is getting your customers’ orders filled correctly and on time. In fact, it is not an exaggeration to say that that eCommerce fulfillment is the #1 key to keeping your customers happy and loyal, reducing cancellations and returns, and maximizing your profits.

But what exactly is e-commerce fulfillment, and what does it involve?

Shopify vs. Your Logistics Fulfillment Services 

While Shopify has gone to considerable lengths to offer built-in, native shipping applications to its hosted businesses, many of these native shipping applications still require a great deal of time-consuming manual labor on the back end. 

You’re required to pay extra for many of these shipping applications. However, you also have to worry about supplies such as stamps and envelopes, and of course, you’ll still spend hours each week stuffing boxes and making trips to the post office. 

What’s worse is that Shopify is never going to treat its hosted business’ shipping needs as anything more than a secondary concern. By using a qualified and trustworthy third-party logistics provider such as Your Logistics, you’ll be outsourcing the most tedious and time-consuming elements of running your Shopify-hosted business to someone else. This will free up valuable time for you, the business owner, to focus on building your customer base and brand.   

State-Of-The-Art Technology to Streamline Your Shopify Fulfillment Needs

When you choose Your Logistics to be the 3PL provider for your Shopify store, you’ll have access to several new technologies and applications that will help you run your business more efficiently while achieving consistent profit and long-term growth.

You can rest assured that your customers’ orders will go out on time and to the right place, arriving safely and undamaged. At our network of state-of-the-art Shopify fulfillment warehouses, your business’ shipping and logistical needs will sit squarely at the center of the business model; shipping and logistics are not just fringe services for us - they are our primary business. 

Traditional postal solutions can be difficult to scale as your business grows. Our applications are designed to seamlessly integrate with your Shopify store. We can handle all the distinct elements of your business’ shipping and logistical needs as we transition your store to automated fulfillment. Best of all, as your business grows, we can keep up.

Simple Backend Integration

Our Shopify order fulfillment application installs easily and can be integrated fully into your eCommerce business’ backend in just a few minutes. There’s no coding involved, and you won’t need to hire a developer. Once the application is installed, simply connect it to your Shopify account and then import all of your shipping invoices. It’s that easy!

Fast Shipping

Our automated order fulfillment application will immediately identify the quickest and most affordable shipping option for your customers. Your Logistics can then choose from a wide range of delivery options, including two-day, overnight, and even same-day delivery in some locations. 

Automated Fulfillment Services

All incoming orders are pushed seamlessly to Your Logistics and all the hard work is done for you. Your orders will be picked, packed, and shipped to their intended recipient in the designated timeframe. You’ll also have access to all order shipment and tracking data for your orders in real-time. Our order fulfillment software provides up-to-the-minute insights into all phases of the order fulfillment process.

Real-Time Inventory Control

Our intuitive dashboard lets you track your inventory at all of our Shopify fulfillment warehouses. With our real-time inventory tracking features, you can be proactive about your stocking and shipping needs and work to prevent running out of stock on popular items. When you’re running low on high-demand items, Your Logistics can send an automated text message letting you know it’s time to reorder.

Our Automated Order Fulfillment Software

As a customer, you get access to our industry-leading web-based order fulfillment software. Here are the platforms/services it integrates with and a few of the features that will make managing your Shopify store a breeze.


All the major eCommerce platforms:







and more...

And all the major carriers & carrier hubs:







and more...

What You Get

Making it easy to work together.

Customer Dashboard

You get your own dashboard to view orders, inventory, and reports.

Permission Controls

Manage your users and their permissions within the system.

Inventory Visibility

Get real-time inventory visibility and notifications.

Order Management

Find, modify, and check the status of your orders anytime.

Reports & Insight

Get a better view of your business with reports and insights.

Returns Management

Manage and optimize your return experience easily.

How We Use It

Like a well-oiled machine.

Warehouse Routing

Orders are automatically assigned locations when they arrive.

Address & Fraud Validation

Predefined rules can place orders on hold or flag them for validation.

Automation Rules

We set rules based on your preferences for how orders are prioritized, handled, boxed, and shipped.

Custom Workflows

Some orders require custom fulfillment. Custom workflows give us full control when we need it.

Setting Priorities

We can prioritize orders based on numerous conditions or change them in real-time.

Calculated Ship Date

Based on the assigned shipping method, the system calculates ship dates to avoid late shipment.

Why Your Logistics Is The Right Choice For My Shopify Store

With plenty of fulfillment services available - Shopify included - you need to take the time to consider which one works best for your business. If you can check off the majority of the following points, then Your Logistics is an ideal option!

  • You own a Shopify-hosted business that ships more than 100 orders per month.
  • You want to stop wasting time packing orders and making trips to the post office so that you can focus on building your brand and expanding your customer base.
  • You want a trusted and reliable third-party logistics provider that will place your business’ shipping needs first.
  • You want a state-of-the-art order fulfillment application that will provide auto-fulfillment of all Shopify orders.
  • You want real-time tracking of your inventory across our entire network of Shopify Fulfillment Centers.
  • You want a centralized shipping solution that will automatically identify the fastest and cheapest route for your customers’ shipping needs.
  • You want to offer your customers the flexibility of two-day shipping nationwide and one-day shipping in some U.S.
  • You want to team up with a third-party logistics provider who will work with you to find affordable options for customers who require free shipping.
  • You want to increase traffic, build brand loyalty, expand your customer base, and take your business to the next level by outsourcing your shipping needs to a reliable third-party logistics provider.

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