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Your Logistics can "kit" your products for you, apply any relevant SKUs, then label and ship them as orders come in.

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Product Kitting Explained

Kitting operations are performed by a 3PL (third-party logistics) provider. We take a product or bundle's individual items, combine them, and create a kit, or bundle, that makes up an entirely different SKU. 

Working with Your Logistics, you eliminate errors by using experienced hands. Your products will be handled by a team comfortable with kitting that has procedures in place to avoid lost or misplaced items at scale.

By using a fulfillment service for your kitting, you streamline and simplify a complex shipping workflow. Every end-customers gets a neatly arranged bundle of products, exactly as expected.

What Clients Are Saying

Benefits of Kitting

We have watched several clients and partners increase their sales and grow their businesses by combining multiple products into kits or bundles. Typically, these collections of products come with a small discount, maybe 10 or 15% off the combined cost when ordered individually.

This allows you to:

  • Increase average order value (AOV)
  • Create special packages for different seasons, physical attributes of the customer, etc
  • Sell and ship more products in fewer packages
  • Create subscription kits for returning customers
  • Increase returning customer rate because often products work better together
  • and more

Kitting, Assembly, & Inventory Management

Kitting and assembly services meet your exacting business needs for shipping to customers. A kitting provider helps manufacturers prepare their orders in a scalable manner, simplifying production for bundling and SKU management, and even reducing shipping costs.

Inventory management is an essential component of fulfillment success. In eCommerce, you can’t sell a full kit if a single piece is out of stock. Inventory management systems let eCommerce track items, but few e-retailers want to pay for expensive software or have the means to conduct in-house fulfillment.

That's where we come in!


The purpose of designing kits is so that a company has ready-to-ship product bundles that are also appealing to consumers. These kitting and fulfillment services expedite the ordering process and can help grow your business too!.

Kitting isn’t necessarily the solution for all items, but we are happy to consult on instances where kitting may or may not make sense.

Pre-Assembly of Kits

Fulfillment is an extensive manual labor production, meaning there is a significant amount of resources in place and logistics costs to manage.

Pre-assembly and kitting services can simplify the order fulfillment process.


Assembly consists of the actual production that involves arranging individual items that will make up a kit. After assembly, there’s less work to do when an order comes in.

Items used in kitting and assembly include sample products, promotional literature, and product groupings that envision a cohesive set or unit.

Returns Management is a Complex Operation

Being prepared for returns will be one less thing to worry about with Your Logistics. Returns have to be assessed and processed individually. We can facilitate returns, provide labels, and make the process seamless for the customer.

Real-Time Tracking Updates

Tracking software allows each party — you, your customers, and us — to receive updates showing exactly where orders are. This cuts down on lost orders and eases customer dissatisfaction when there are unavoidable delays.

Storing Inventory

Small eCommerce stores know the strain warehousing fees can put on their budget. Partnering with us keeps inventory safe and costs low. Storing pre-assembled kits can further reduce storage space and fees!


How to Choose the Best 3PL for Your Growing Business

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