Fulfillment Services

If you’re looking for the best when it comes to third-party logistics providers, Your Logistics is the right choice.

Our 3PL Fulfillment Services

Your Logistics offers your business a third-party logistics solution that is cost-efficient, accurate, and works to evolve with you as you grow. Whether you’re feeling overwhelmed with your internal logistics or you’re not satisfied with your current logistics provider, we want to help. View a selection of our main services below and contact us today to learn how we can customize your 3PL strategy to fit your business perfectly.

3pl fulfillment


Once an order is received, we’ll pick and pack the item with care and precision. Learn more about a few of the industries we work with, below, and don't hesitate to ask if we can fulfill for your business!

What's Included

Account Setup

Maintain Stock

Respond to Orders

Configure Orders

Book Orders

Update Inventory

Invoice Customer

Issue Changes

Source Orders

Process Orders

Ship Orders

Let us help your business grow.

Our Fulfillment Services are Affordable, Personal, and Professional

Unique Benefits and Features of Our Fulfillment Services

Now that you have a basic understanding of what product fulfillment services we offer, you may wonder what unique benefits they offer over your current distribution setup. There are several benefits, including:

Easier Sales Flux Management

By using a third party to tend to the logistics of storage and distribution, you get to save time and money on space, equipment, and human resources. That lets you focus on marketing, product development, and putting your money where you need it the most.

Expanding Your Business' Reach

When a supplier has a robust national network, you can reach out to various locales without worrying about excessive costs.

The best part? If it turns out a given region isn't especially lucrative for your business, it won't make or break your budget. Our fulfillment services can afford to go along with the ebbs and flows of demand.


You have to pay for storage space regardless of how much you're using it. That can be bad news if your current warehouse charges a fixed rate for space rentals. If you go with our third-party fulfillment service, your rate of payment will depend on your rate of use.

In other words: if things slow down after the holidays, you won't have to pay the same storage price as you did during the holidays.

Standing Out

If reduced costs weren't enough of an incentive, how about strengthening your brand?

You can request any number of personalizations. Maybe you want this order done in sky-blue packaging and another order done in neon pink? That is feasible for our fulfillment services. When we work together, you can customize all sorts of things to make your brand one to remember.

Reduced Costs for Delivery

Because we manage multiple state of the art distribution centers in Dallas and Las Vegas, your products are physically closer to their destinations, translating to lower shipping costs.

Even if your customer isn't close to one of our facilities, we can generally offer lower shipping costs than if you were shipping on your own, especially for bulk B2B and retail orders.

Work on What’s Most Important to You

Whatever the reason for contracting with us, our fulfillment services are here to give you the time, space, and freedom to work on what you’re most passionate about in your business. Because we know that when you are in your zone, growth will happen.

Our Shipping & Fulfillment Software

As a customer, you get access to our industry-leading web-based shipping and fulfillment software. Here are the platforms/services it integrates with and a few of the features that will make your fulfillment a breeze.


All the major eCommerce platforms:







and more...

And all the major carriers & carrier hubs:







and more...

What You Get

Making it easy to work together.

Customer Dashboard

You get your own dashboard to view orders, inventory, and reports.

Permission Controls

Manage your users and their permissions within the system.

Inventory Visibility

Get real-time inventory visibility and notifications.

Order Management

Find, modify, and check the status of your orders anytime.

Reports & Insight

Get a better view of your business with reports and insights.

Returns Management

Manage and optimize your return experience easily.

How We Use It

Like a well-oiled machine.

Warehouse Routing

Orders are automatically assigned locations when they arrive.

Address & Fraud Validation

Predefined rules can place orders on hold or flag them for validation.

Automation Rules

We set rules based on your preferences for how orders are prioritized, handled, boxed, and shipped.

Custom Workflows

Some orders require custom fulfillment. Custom workflows give us full control when we need it.

Setting Priorities

We can prioritize orders based on numerous conditions or change them in real-time.

Calculated Ship Date

Based on the assigned shipping method, the system calculates ship dates to avoid late shipment.