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eCommerce Shipping Explained

The term eCommerce shipping refers to all of the services required in the transportation of products purchased from an online retailer to the consumer's destination of choice. While it can be challenging to find the right eCommerce shipping partner, this is crucial to running an online business seamlessly. Creating a lasting relationship makes shipping quick and affordable.

Finding or manufacturing and selling your products is challenging enough; don't let shipping throw a wrench in the entire operation. Through our effective eCommerce shipping management techniques, moving products has never been more straightforward and more cost-effective.

What is 3PL?

Third-party logistics, or 3PL, is one of the best shipping solutions for eCommerce. It involves the use of a third-party business that is responsible for the fulfillment services of the client - meet Your Logistics.

Here's how 3PL works:

  • An eCommerce business takes the orders from their consumers on their platform of choice
  • The eCommerce business delivers the orders to Your Logistics via an automated software connection
  • Your Logistics receives orders, pulls the inventory, packs everything per the requirements, and ships the order to the end customer.

Why is 3PL eCommerce Shipping Right for Me?

As a result of the ever-changing online shopping ecosystem, and more recently COVID-19, picking the right shipping solution for your eCommerce store has never been more critical. Choosing Your Logistics will help to diversify and alleviate some of the risks faced in dealing with single-source providers.

When Should I Consider a 3PL?

Streamlining the fulfillment process should be addressed immediately if growth is a goal of your eCommerce business. Waiting until the company is overwhelmed by orders is waiting too long and can ultimately damage the brand altogether.

Focus efforts on business growth, rather than being burdened by the shipping processes. When in doubt, rely on these three questions to determine whether or not it is an excellent time to consider a 3PL shipping solution for your eCommerce company:

  1. Is your business fulfilling more than 10-20 orders each day?
  2. Do you find yourself running out of storage space for inventory?
  3. Does your current infrastructure (space, manpower, technology) have the capacity to handle your growing demand?

Don't be limited by inventory and shipping constraints. We are here to assist in refocusing attention towards the overall growth of the company.

How Your Logistics Works

Through the use of industry-leading software and workflows, Your Logistics offers eCommerce shipping solutions matched with a simple user experience. By using us, you can exceed customer delivery expectations and focus on customer relationships, product development, and business growth, instead.

Take a look at some of the service options available when partnering with Your Logistics.

Subscription Marketing Fulfillment

Your Logistics offers subscription marketing fulfillment services which means the handling and distribution of all of your subscription orders as well as promotional materials for it.

Ecommerce Fulfillment

Your Logistics, offering specific customizations to clients' needs, ensures that products are delivered to customer's hands as quickly as possible. Work directly with the team to specify any potential concerns as we work together to make the fulfillment process as seamless as possible.

Retail and B2B Logistics

Does your company sell a product to retail chains across the nation? Your Logistics is key in the shipment and delivery of your items to mid to large retail chains. 


Now offering drop shipping options, Your Logistics is making running an eCommerce business more comfortable than it has ever been. For eCommerce business owners, this can be ideal when lacking capital to purchase initial merchandise. Luckily, Your Logistics also offers eCommerce drop-shipping solutions.

Direct Sales Fulfillment

If your company offers direct selling, Your Logistics can assist with those needs as well. Assisting with multi-level marketers and direct selling companies expands the abilities of the team to customize fulfillment capabilities.

Inventory Distribution

We offer two strategically located centers in Las Vegas and Dallas that allow the split of eCommerce retailer inventory across the country. Cutting down shipping distances from fulfillment centers to consumers provides a simpler and more affordable product by reducing travel length.

What is the Best Ecommerce Shipping Solution?

Identifying the best eCommerce shipping management system depends entirely on the nature and demands of the business at an individual level. When making the decision, it is crucial to make sure to keep into consideration that the best eCommerce shipping solution should always offer:

  • Cost-effective and flexible shipping
  • Top of the line software
  • Innovative storage system
  • Returns management
  • Excellent customer service
  • Customization

If you are looking for the best of 3PLs, look no further. Your Logistics is your one-stop-shop for eCommerce shipping needs. Call us today for a free quote!