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Direct Sales Fulfillment Challenges

Running a direct sales business comes with many challenges, with fulfillment being one of the largest hurdles to overcome. Order sizes and volume vary, growth can come quickly, and you are probably constantly introducing new products.

Our direct sales fulfillment works in tandem with you and your established or startup direct sales business. It is a collaboration to ensure your order and shipping processes align with rep and customer expectations, along with the brand image.

First, it is crucial to learn more about your business’ needs and goals, then develop a functional fulfillment plan.

Once a thorough plan and pipeline are compiled, our direct fulfillment systems and workflows help your business move forward efficiently and effectively. The result? A happy network of sales associates and end customers. Both of which will provide consistent word-of-mouth growth and referrals, which is the most effective marketing form for an entrepreneur like yourself.

Benefits & Features of Direct Sales Fulfillment from Your Logistics

To the uninitiated, product fulfillment may wind up costing too much money to remain viable—the business shutters.

But with our direct fulfillment systems, you and your direct sales business enjoy the following key advantages and features to help make your decision easy:


Instead of sorting, packing, and shipping products directly to consumers yourself, our direct order fulfillment service manages the logistics and sends products directly to the homes of your reps or end customers. The overall process is straightforward, allowing you to focus on your business.


Auto-ship services are particularly useful for recurring or batch shipments, which cut down on cost and inconvenience.

Our direct fulfillment services offer auto-ship options - don't hesitate to ask for more detail!


With our direct sales fulfillment, accuracy is paramount. Your products will be picked, packed, and delivered on-time, to the correct address, and without fail.


To keep your business moving along smoothly, a communication network between all parties helps ensure orders and shipments are fulfilled without error and on-time, always.

If you have concerns, questions, or suggestions, we will have answers. 

Growth Opportunities

What could you do with your direct sales business with a little extra time each day? You could market to new customers, design and develop new products, or interact with consumers on social media. You'd have the extra time to do all of this and more, as long as you are not spending countless hours packaging and shipping products.

Reduced Costs

Instead of paying low-volume shipping and self-storage fees, alongside many other fees and costs that eat into the business, our direct sales order fulfillment services use our high-volume relationships and existing facilities, thereby reducing your overhead.


How to Choose the Best 3PL for Your Growing Business

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